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Songs For My Baby



Michael Creber

Light jazz stylings, written and beautifully performed on the grand piano by pianist/composer Michael Creber. "Songs for My Baby" is comprised of 15 tender tracks, all written as annual birthday gifts for his wife Monique. The music is perfect to sooth the soul or to provide a relaxing ambiance.

  1. Blue Sky

  2. Spring Is You

  3. Song For My Baby

  4. All For Love

  5. Spring Becomes You

  6. One For You

  7. Sunlight On Water

  8. For Your Love

  9. A Dozen Robins

  10. Lullaby

  11. Lover May I?

  12. One True Thing

  13. Tango (Love Song)

  14. Within Our Hearts

  15. Cherry Blossoms

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